Impact100 Westchester

I digress from writing about great new places to eat-and-be-seen and must-run-and-get that thing to buy, to telling you about a new not-for-profit, charitable organization I learned about. Funny how appropriate it is at this time of year.

I recently attended a gathering at a friend’s house, where I learned about Impact100 Westchester, an interesting, new approach to charitable work. Where their mission is to engage women in philanthropy. I think there are 18 individual run chapters nationally. It’s kind of like a sorority for moms who like to give back! You can either be a giver with your time and money or just your money.

There are two women who work as co-presidents, Sharon Douglas and Anita Borkenstein. I heard both of these women speak and found them to both be very creative and inspiring. It hit my grass roots nerve to hear how they started this group and within no time got 132 women to join them in their first year. It just shows the power of a well thought out business plan. They started Impact100 Westchester because they wanted to make a difference to those less fortunate, right where they live, in Westchester County. They made a BIG difference by collecting over $132,000 to donate to those in need. I also am happy to report that all the money goes to the charity in need. There is no overhead, no rent, no employee salaries to pay, etc. Each member provides $1,000 which then goes to needy charities in communities where we dine, shop and drive thru everyday but never realize how many are living below the poverty level and in need of assistance from organizations that we can fund and support.

There are four categories to consider for giving: Arts & Culture, Education, Environment and Health & Wellness. They then, have local charities make a pitch to each of these groups in order to be chosen for the grant. Each group (every woman gets an equal vote at the annual meeting in June) chooses one winner and presents it to all of Impact100 Westchester. This past year’s grant finalists were; Clay Art Center, Yonkers Partners in Education, Something Good in The World, Inc. and Furniture Sharehouse. $100,000 was granted to Furniture Sharehouse. An organization that provides free furniture to Westchester families in need. The remaining funds were spilt between the other three finalists.

Here is their contact info.

I hope I’ve done this amazing charity justice. Women working together to make a difference and inspiring other women to get involved!

Happy giving!

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Zanni Restaurant

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Mark Mariani unveiled his new restaurant a week or so ago for breakfast and lunch and soon it will be open for dinner. Another fab place to eat in the new foodie capital of Westchester, known as Armonk. Mr. Mariani knows his decorating! He is just a phenomenal restaurant designer. Why he isn’t designing restaurants all over America for celebrity chefs is beyond me. From the entry comfy seating lounge area with the stunning stone fireplace, through the every so inviting, bar and oversized banquet area, to the, bring the light in through the glass ceiling atrium dining area, it is perfection and one will never want to leave!

During lunch I had the chicken and avocado Panini, which was very good and a yummy brussels sprout salad. There are few other well-priced salads, like the goat cheese beet salad, all the salads can be enhanced with chicken, shrimp, salmon, etc. They also serve flat bread pizzas.

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I haven’t tried the breakfast, so I can’t report on if my son’s kid favorite, nutella crepe is still there, but I’m sure their menu is plentiful and delicious. For those who loved the food and at one with nature ambience at the former Mariani Café, I’m sure you’ll be as overly impressed and as blown away as I was, with the new Mariani Restaurant, Zanni!

Comments welcomed…

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All photos courtesy Debbie Lipman

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Timeless Gallery

Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 5.36.56 PM  Featured image

Last week I attended a grand opening event via an invite from Buzz Creators, a PR/Marketing/Branding Company, for a new luxury goods boutique in Greenwich called, Timeless Gallery. They specialize in the buying and selling of pre-owned designer handbags and vintage watches. I’m not an everyday designer handbag purchaser myself, but I do love a good Saks NYC first floor handbag walk-through. From what I could tell, the designer bags at Timeless Gallery are of similarly fabulous looking condition!

I thought the handbags were in mint condition and the owner, Seth Larrabure had explained that there is a rating for a pre-owned designer handbag. He explained that his bags carry the top rating. So all you $2,500 -$10,000 bag buyers out there, there’s a new designer handbag shop in town that’s not to be missed! Just think of all the watch shopping your hubbys can do while you’re checking out the handbags!

Almost forgot the juice, they feature designers such as, Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton, as well as vintage and contemporary watches, such as Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Audemars Piguet, and Cartier.

In addition to the Timeless Gallery store, their luxury goods are also available globally through their website, They also will be consigning collectibles, accepting trade-ins, and offer in-house estate appraisals for all jewelry and fine timepieces and not to be overlooked, a rapid watch repair service is available.

Seth and his father, Alan Larrabure are very welcoming and looking forward to filling the need they see in the New York City suburbs for a special kind of retail shop. This business arose out of their Timeless Gallery wholesale business established in 2000. Both men have been involved in the collectable business for many years and are internationally known and respected for their expertise in this field.

I enjoyed meeting them and seeing their exquisite luxury items, my mouth was watering or was that the wine? Well anyway, the bags and watches are to die for, so go in, say hi and happy shopping!

Timeless Gallery LLC, 112 Mason Street, Greenwich, CT 06830 phone: 203-769-1300 email:

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Mt. Kisco has a new place to eat, drink and be merry, Winston. After a multi-million dollar renovation of a three-story building Winston recently opened its doors. Now there’s a new place to go with a great vibe, unique cocktails, (pumpkin martini) and craft beers to name a few, that’s a lot closer than the Ganesvoort or the W Rooftop in NYC.

I went last Saturday night and started out having a drink at the bar on the first floor. It’s a great bar area with a few tables for dining and a bar menu. It’s a very open feeling with high ceilings and exposed brick.

We ate on the 2nd floor, which offers a full dinner menu. I also gotta kick out of the pre-set plates, with a big “W” on them.

The cool part of this three-story building is the roof deck bar/lounge. It’s NYC roof-deck bar scene meets suburbia. They have great looking furniture; the roof is open air while the weather permits. I hope they have plans to enclose it during the winter, it’s such a great hang out space and it’s definitely a first for northern Westchester. Can’t say much for the view, but you can spot your car in the lot.

I recommend starting on the roofdeck for a drink and working your way down, to get the whole Winston experience.

The celebs have made the rounds to Winston as well. Apparently, Martha Stewart was there, the night before I went, and she said the crème brulee was one of the best she’s had (well, my memory is, she said something great about the crème brulee) so it’s worth a try!

See their website for more info.


130 East Main Street

Mount Kisco, NY 10549

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Fun In The Sun

Screen shot 2014-10-17 at 4.59.28 PM

I recently went to the which is now managed by
Brookfield Hospitality Management (the jury is out if that is a good thing for this resort or bad thing).

I don’t know about you, but I always find the Bahamians to be very welcoming. So, on one of the days when I was lying in the sun, trying to get as tan as a Bahamian I struck up a conversation with the lifeguard on his stand next to me. He had all kinds of opinions about the resort after working there for a couple of years. He didn’t seem too impressed with the new management company and felt the property was being used in a real estate game by constantly being bought and sold, so the management companies could make money. He also thought, families would still go to the Atlantis even though in Nassau or the NEW Bahamian Riviera, as it’s being called, was opening soon with a Rosewood, SLS Lux and Grand Hyatt.

In spite of the real estate transaction, the resort is and has been amazing to go to with kids and families. Where else can you get beautiful tropical weather, celebrity chef restaurants that are actually good! (A must go to is the Todd English restaurant, Olives.) As well as gambling, high-end resort amenities and an amazing water park.

After a few minutes of chatting with the lifeguard, he started to ask me what I was drinking in my starbucks mug. “A skinny vanilla latte”, I said, naturally, what else would it be? Well, I guess I should have known I was now going to be told how there are horrible chemicals in processed coffee and food, right? While the sun is blazing away and all I wanted to do was jump in the pool he said, I should be drinking organic ground coffee from beans and do I grow my own produce?? When he found out I lived in New York, I think he gave me an I-can’t-grow-organic-produce pass due to our cold weather. It was a funny to know every country is obsessed with organically grown foods.

So, of course I came home and ran to my favorite coffee hang-out, Tazza.  They have 20 something different flavors of coffee and some are organic, they even have the grinder right next to the beans! My lifeguard friend would be so impressed that I made the switch to organic coffee beans for my morning coffee. And to my surprise, I like it much better!

Who said you can’t learn a thing or two while you’re on vacation?


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The One With The Make-Up

Screen shot 2014-10-05 at 9.30.55 PM

It must be glamorous and sexy to say I grew up in Ibiza as opposed to saying…I grew up in Armonk. Charlotte Tilbury hails from Ibiza and her self-named line is the latest, hottest new make-up line to hit Bergdorf’s legendary basement! So, of course she was destined to become a make-up artist to the stars with that address! I hear she’s EVEN worked with the Tom Ford line.

I recently paid a visit to the counter of this new make-up line and loved it. There were three factors that played into my falling for it; 1) my “make-up guru” friend liked it and bought something 2) the make-up artist/sales guy did a great sales job (and should win salesman of the year) based on 3) the names that he explained were given to the various shades of blushes.

The blush story; Charlotte named her different “swish and pop” blush colors after the different emotional levels of falling in love: first love, love glow, ecstasy, love is the drug and the climax, so cute, clever and of course SEX-Y SELLS check out the link to the product

How timely is this, being that they’re having an event at Bergdorf’s this Tuesday, Oct 7th where you can meet Charlotte and gasp at her fabulousness and of course, her make-up line.

Happy Blushing!

Screen shot 2014-10-05 at 9.30.01 PM

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It’s true… this hot, new healthy kitchen gadget has a catchy name that could be slang for a body part. The creator clearly knew it would be a big seller with the name Veggetti! It smacks you right in the face when you walk into Bed Bath and Beyond and is sold for $14.99. It’s also for sale on amazon for $11.

It makes a great zucchini spaghetti, and like in the picture above, you can slice up an English cucumber, put a splash of rice vinegar on it and add some cut up tomatoes. Voila, you have a great refreshing salad!

What would we do without this latest phallic symbol kitchen tool? It finally allows us to have fun in the kitchen while cooking no calorie, somewhat tasteless meals!

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I recently went to have my brows done and I love the shape that Sabria gave them! What I love about Sabria is that she’s a mom of three girls, following her passion and just trying to make it happen, just like the rest of us!

Sabria currently sees clients privately AND she has set up shop in NYC as well! She does an amazing job and I couldn’t wait to share the news with everyone. So, if you are tired of going to the Benefit Cosmetics counter factory (like I was) give Sabria a call! I think you’ll be happy you did.

Also realizing, now that my brows look great, I may need to do a little botox…

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Sailing – On The Sound

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Restaurant Promotion Video

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