Zanni Restaurant

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Mark Mariani unveiled his new restaurant a week or so ago for breakfast and lunch and soon it will be open for dinner. Another fab place to eat in the new foodie capital of Westchester, known as Armonk. Mr. Mariani knows his decorating! He is just a phenomenal restaurant designer. Why he isn’t designing restaurants all over America for celebrity chefs is beyond me. From the entry comfy seating lounge area with the stunning stone fireplace, through the every so inviting, bar and oversized banquet area, to the, bring the light in through the glass ceiling atrium dining area, it is perfection and one will never want to leave!

During lunch I had the chicken and avocado Panini, which was very good and a yummy brussels sprout salad. There are few other well-priced salads, like the goat cheese beet salad, all the salads can be enhanced with chicken, shrimp, salmon, etc. They also serve flat bread pizzas.

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I haven’t tried the breakfast, so I can’t report on if my son’s kid favorite, nutella crepe is still there, but I’m sure their menu is plentiful and delicious. For those who loved the food and at one with nature ambience at the former Mariani Café, I’m sure you’ll be as overly impressed and as blown away as I was, with the new Mariani Restaurant, Zanni!

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All photos courtesy Debbie Lipman

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2 Responses to Zanni Restaurant

  1. Gail Amsterdam says:

    They are now closed. Check out their site.

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