Impact100 Westchester

I digress from writing about great new places to eat-and-be-seen and must-run-and-get that thing to buy, to telling you about a new not-for-profit, charitable organization I learned about. Funny how appropriate it is at this time of year.

I recently attended a gathering at a friend’s house, where I learned about Impact100 Westchester, an interesting, new approach to charitable work. Where their mission is to engage women in philanthropy. I think there are 18 individual run chapters nationally. It’s kind of like a sorority for moms who like to give back! You can either be a giver with your time and money or just your money.

There are two women who work as co-presidents, Sharon Douglas and Anita Borkenstein. I heard both of these women speak and found them to both be very creative and inspiring. It hit my grass roots nerve to hear how they started this group and within no time got 132 women to join them in their first year. It just shows the power of a well thought out business plan. They started Impact100 Westchester because they wanted to make a difference to those less fortunate, right where they live, in Westchester County. They made a BIG difference by collecting over $132,000 to donate to those in need. I also am happy to report that all the money goes to the charity in need. There is no overhead, no rent, no employee salaries to pay, etc. Each member provides $1,000 which then goes to needy charities in communities where we dine, shop and drive thru everyday but never realize how many are living below the poverty level and in need of assistance from organizations that we can fund and support.

There are four categories to consider for giving: Arts & Culture, Education, Environment and Health & Wellness. They then, have local charities make a pitch to each of these groups in order to be chosen for the grant. Each group (every woman gets an equal vote at the annual meeting in June) chooses one winner and presents it to all of Impact100 Westchester. This past year’s grant finalists were; Clay Art Center, Yonkers Partners in Education, Something Good in The World, Inc. and Furniture Sharehouse. $100,000 was granted to Furniture Sharehouse. An organization that provides free furniture to Westchester families in need. The remaining funds were spilt between the other three finalists.

Here is their contact info.

I hope I’ve done this amazing charity justice. Women working together to make a difference and inspiring other women to get involved!

Happy giving!

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