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Last week I attended a grand opening event via an invite from Buzz Creators, a PR/Marketing/Branding Company, for a new luxury goods boutique in Greenwich called, Timeless Gallery. They specialize in the buying and selling of pre-owned designer handbags and vintage watches. I’m not an everyday designer handbag purchaser myself, but I do love a good Saks NYC first floor handbag walk-through. From what I could tell, the designer bags at Timeless Gallery are of similarly fabulous looking condition!

I thought the handbags were in mint condition and the owner, Seth Larrabure had explained that there is a rating for a pre-owned designer handbag. He explained that his bags carry the top rating. So all you $2,500 -$10,000 bag buyers out there, there’s a new designer handbag shop in town that’s not to be missed! Just think of all the watch shopping your hubbys can do while you’re checking out the handbags!

Almost forgot the juice, they feature designers such as, Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton, as well as vintage and contemporary watches, such as Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Audemars Piguet, and Cartier.

In addition to the Timeless Gallery store, their luxury goods are also available globally through their website, Timelessgallery.com. They also will be consigning collectibles, accepting trade-ins, and offer in-house estate appraisals for all jewelry and fine timepieces and not to be overlooked, a rapid watch repair service is available.

Seth and his father, Alan Larrabure are very welcoming and looking forward to filling the need they see in the New York City suburbs for a special kind of retail shop. This business arose out of their Timeless Gallery wholesale business established in 2000. Both men have been involved in the collectable business for many years and are internationally known and respected for their expertise in this field.

I enjoyed meeting them and seeing their exquisite luxury items, my mouth was watering or was that the wine? Well anyway, the bags and watches are to die for, so go in, say hi and happy shopping!

Timeless Gallery LLC, 112 Mason Street, Greenwich, CT 06830 phone: 203-769-1300 email: shop@timelessgallery.com

Featured imageFeatured image

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