Restaurant Promo Video: Roasted Peppers

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Promo Video: Beascakes

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Promo Video: Tazza Cafe

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Got house?

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DE make a wish tag sale video

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Dash to the Hamptons



The Rapper shirt is sold exclusively at Blue and Cream, in East Hampton, according to the sales girl.  There was some controversy over what Rappers were welcomed on this shirt and what Rappers were booted out. The sales girl started spouting off names as though I knew who she was talking about, but alas, I’m so out, but I understand I look young, so I seem in?


Pedro Garcia, Vince and Rag and Bone. Okay, so I may not have known all of these shoe designer names, but I took the pic cause I know a hot shoe when I see one. Again, the sales girl told me how they were select shoes and barely anyone else carries them. Sure enough, I went out with my friend the other night and I yelled, “Where did you get those shoes! They have them at Blue and Cream and they’re so hard to find anywhere else!” She said, “don’t you remember I got these wedges at Bergdorf’s! Well….


Jennifer Miller, just love that store, and want to wear everything in it! I even wanted the Chandelier.



I so did not make it to the opening of Dash and I didn’t hang with the K-girls, instead I ate here.

Happy tanning!



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A Divamom Day


I went to a event at the Water Club in NYC last week and it was so NOT suburban! Everyone didn’t look like each other, funny? Right? In the suburbs everyone in the same town kinda looks the same, same type of style, same hair, same cars, same weight, you know what I mean. At the event no two woman looked the same, I couldn’t even begin to place where everyone was from.

This breakfast event was called for MomMoguls and it featured a panel of around 7 or 8 women, who were MomMoguls or Mompreneures and they all represented different businesses. The emcee was Kelly Bensimon of NY Housewives fame. The event was run by Lyss Stern, the most Divalyssiouses Mom. Panelist present were; Haute Hippie creator, Bonnie Marcus, stylish stationary, Rosie Pope of short lived bravo show and a thriving maternity clothing biz, she had her newborn on her lap (her 4th),Elenis of cookies and my favorite Samantha Yanks editor in chief of Hamptons Magazine. By the way, Samantha is not my favorite ’cause I love the Hamptons, but because, she happened to be an extremely real, engaging speaker. I enjoyed listing to her take on being a woman in business and a mom. After the event I introduced myself and the event photog took our pic (where is that pic now, I wonder?) Well, I guess I have all summer in the Hamptons to track her down!

Then I introduced myself to Lyss, who by the way said numerous times, how women should help other women succeed in business. It was one of the greatest things I had ever heard, since my days at MTV when the women worked hard to beat each other into the ground. With that, I had my intern, Alison take a picture of my new hero and me!

I’d like to thank my friend Stacey for giving me the heads up on this great unsuburban gathering!


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Monica’s Biz & Hot Topics


How do you say to someone, you NEED long term care insurance? Well, for a friend of mine, Monica Mautner, it comes as naturally as saying, “let’s get lunch.” Monica has found herself helping and educating people as well as making them feel at ease, through selling long-term care insurance. She loves that she is helping people.

I had no idea what it was, so of course, when I saw how excited she was about her career, I asked her to tell me about it.

Apparently long-term care is a hot topic; recently there have been articles in the wall street journal and other national publications. I didn’t know that approximately 70% of the population turning 65 will require some type of care i.e., home care, assisted living, nursing home at some point in their lives.

I asked Monica, how does someone qualify to use this type of insurance? Her answer made me laugh (at the thought that I was actually going to write the reasons down) so here it is:

Long term care is care that you need if you can no longer perform activities of daily living, they are: 1) Eating, 2) Bathing, 3) Dressing, 4) Using the bathroom, 5) Transferring (walking), 6) Maintaining continence. Monica said most of her clients are between the ages of 45-65, which makes sense, because once you can’t perform the above activities, you are not eligible for long-term care.

Funny, but I feel like I’m writing about the 10 plagues that you read about at Passover.

Seriously, though, there is a real need to own this insurance, so if you want to learn more about it, Monica would be happy to help you out.

Monica Mautner



Hot Topics In Real Estate

This Sunday from 1-3pm I will be holding an open house at 26 Bayberry Road in Armonk. Here’s the stats:

List price: $1,695.000.00Image

Stunning completely renovated colonial

Heart of Whippoorwill

Four family bedrooms and three full bathrooms

Fabulous millwork

Gourmet Kitchen

As they say in real estate “All you need to do is unpack your bags!”

What would an Open House be without food! So, of course I will have some delicious DE logo-ed cookies from Beascakes for all those hungry buyers out there!

Stayed tuned for an Open House formatted video that I host coming soon featuring a spectacular home in Westchester!

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The News Anchor


This past month I started a new “job” of sorts, I am the social media anchor of a local news show. It films live in their studio every Thursday night. It can be watched on fios or on cablevision if you live in Larchmont, Mamaroneck or Rye Neck. Apparently you can watch it streaming on your computer and, of course, I have no idea how to tell my mom in NYC to do that!

I am getting a kick out of being involved in what I have been referring to as a real community news show, that very few people can watch, including, my own community. According to my daughters, nobody IS watching it. Well, anyway…ya gotta start somewhere.

So I show up for my second time doing the anchor “job” with my freshly blow-dried hair (from Indulgence blow dry bar) and wearing my new anchor outfit. As I walk into the studio, there’s a man standing there who looks very familiar, and I stop short. I said to him, “What are you doing here? You’re a real news person!” I then say, nice to meet you and he tells me he knows me and we’ve met before. I have never met him in my life, so with that I am so flustered that I drop my glasses on the floor. I said,” I see you every morning on TV before the Today Show.” The newsman was Michael Gargiulo and he is friendly with the woman who anchors the community news show. I guess they live in the same town?

The next morning Michael tweeted a picture of our news set and said how great it was helping us out. The show Producer has a picture of us and doesn’t seem to want to give up, otherwise I’d post it!

Needless to say, my career at the local news show flashed before eyes. The next day I was told by the news producer that after we were visited by a professional, the recommendation has been that only one news anchor be in the frame during the roundtable discussion. So now I’m only in the intro and when I’m reading a question to the roundtable!

Ah…the price of fame.

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Cigar Fraternity

I interviewed Doc James Cigar Lounge owner, Josh DeSiena.

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