The One With The Make-Up

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It must be glamorous and sexy to say I grew up in Ibiza as opposed to saying…I grew up in Armonk. Charlotte Tilbury hails from Ibiza and her self-named line is the latest, hottest new make-up line to hit Bergdorf’s legendary basement! So, of course she was destined to become a make-up artist to the stars with that address! I hear she’s EVEN worked with the Tom Ford line.

I recently paid a visit to the counter of this new make-up line and loved it. There were three factors that played into my falling for it; 1) my “make-up guru” friend liked it and bought something 2) the make-up artist/sales guy did a great sales job (and should win salesman of the year) based on 3) the names that he explained were given to the various shades of blushes.

The blush story; Charlotte named her different “swish and pop” blush colors after the different emotional levels of falling in love: first love, love glow, ecstasy, love is the drug and the climax, so cute, clever and of course SEX-Y SELLS check out the link to the product

How timely is this, being that they’re having an event at Bergdorf’s this Tuesday, Oct 7th where you can meet Charlotte and gasp at her fabulousness and of course, her make-up line.

Happy Blushing!

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