Dash to the Hamptons



The Rapper shirt is sold exclusively at Blue and Cream, in East Hampton, according to the sales girl.  There was some controversy over what Rappers were welcomed on this shirt and what Rappers were booted out. The sales girl started spouting off names as though I knew who she was talking about, but alas, I’m so out, but I understand I look young, so I seem in?


Pedro Garcia, Vince and Rag and Bone. Okay, so I may not have known all of these shoe designer names, but I took the pic cause I know a hot shoe when I see one. Again, the sales girl told me how they were select shoes and barely anyone else carries them. Sure enough, I went out with my friend the other night and I yelled, “Where did you get those shoes! They have them at Blue and Cream and they’re so hard to find anywhere else!” She said, “don’t you remember I got these wedges at Bergdorf’s! Well….


Jennifer Miller, just love that store, and want to wear everything in it! I even wanted the Chandelier.



I so did not make it to the opening of Dash and I didn’t hang with the K-girls, instead I ate here.

Happy tanning!



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