The Taste Off

ice cream photo

I’m a self proclaimed foodie, so it’s hard to find flavorful, low calorie food. I decided to hold a low cal yogurt dessert taste off.  I realized I had tried all three of the above low fat treats and wanted to share my findings.

Let’s go from left to right. Yasso makes a very nice looking low cal Greek Yogurt bar. If you’re a weight watchers fan, its ONLY two points. I had the vanilla bean flavor pop and at first it tasted good, and seemed to be a pretty big portion for an ice cream bar, I was definitely psyched! As I tasted it once and then a second time there was some kind of after taste that I didn’t quite recognize. Not sure what to make of that after taste thing, as it is made from all natural ingredients and only 80 calories!  It also comes in strawberry, coconut, mango and raspberry.

Next is Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt in a cup. It tells you right on the label it’s 3 points on Weight Watchers, well thank you very much, now I have one less thing to look up!  I have tried the blueberry, strawberry and my favorite, vanilla bean.  The berry yogurts have frozen chunks of berry, not a cool texture in your mouth, but I still think it’s delish! By the way this is not all natural, like the Yasso bars.

Last is the Arctic Zero. The WHOLE pint is ONLY 150 calories.  In this case, you get what you get and you don’t get upset.  I can’t describe the flavor, because I can’t find one. But, I guess the upside is feeling like you ate a WHOLE pint of what is called, Ice Cream. As the container says, it is Fat Free, Lactose Intolerant Friendly and Gluten Free. Yum!

Healthy Choice is the clear winner for this taste test with low calories and the best flavor!

Happy taste testing!

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