The Beanie

The beanie is the current cute winter hat that seems to be everywhere! I even have one or so I thought? Apparently, according to my daughter, my beanie that I wear proudly and fashion forwardly on these cold winter days is NOT the latest beanie and is just, well… strange.

I was in the mall yesterday trying on the new, cool looking beanies and after trying on a few, I do admit I’m due for an update.

I started at Nordstrom’s men’s department where they have a cool assortment laid out on the table right when you walk in. I then made my way to Urban Outfitters where they have an outrageous assortment of hats. I also met a fellow mom at my kids’ camp reunion who was wearing a great looking hat, when I inquired about her beanie she said it came from the Shopbop website.

How to properly wear a beanie is as follows; the hat is not supposed to lay flat against your head, (like I always sport it), but is supposed to have a little bit of extra room on top of your head, like demonstrated in the pictures below.


I’ve also included the what not to wear look, in the photo below. In case, you were wondering, that’s my out of date beanie.


Happy hat hunting!

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