Brows Brows Brows


I am always looking for just the right eyebrow stylist. My friend turned me onto my latest fav place to go for styling. It doesn’t consist of me driving to NYC and dropping $70. Nor do I have to go to a local high-end spa or salon. All I do is stroll along the streets of the shopping mecca, Greenwich Avenue and walk into Benefit.

When you walk in the store it’s bright with soft pink girlie hues, friendly and inviting. Literally! All the young woman who work there love chatting with you and they remember your name! Another good reason to go, if you’re into having your brows styled, is the price,$35. Not bad compared to some other places I’ve been.

Once my brows had the perfect shape they had me meet with the make up stylist. She introduced me to the cutest mini sized brow puffer, Benefit’s Gimme Brow. It has an innovative brush-on fiber gel that sticks to skin & hair. Oh yeah, almost forgot, it comes in different shades. Apparently it’s the latest and greatest thing coming out for the brow! Love being up to date on the latest make up craze.

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