Never Let Them See You Sweat


I was asked to write copy and record a radio spot for a local restaurant for WFAS FM Radio. How did this come about you ask or maybe you didn’t, but since I can’t shut up, I’ll tell you anyway. I have a few restaurant promotional videos that I have made and a new restaurant has hired me to film one of the experiential videos for them.

Yah! Great, a new client I thought… as we are sitting down to talk about making the video the owner keeps commenting on how I bring a personality to the videos (where that came from I just can’t imagine) and he decides I would be perfect to represent his restaurant not only in the video but also on the radio. I’m like, sure, no problem! I write radio spots ALL THE TIME! I wonder if he believed me? I guess he didn’t really care, cause he had me lock, stock and barrel and he knew it! Of course, he knew if I was putting my self out there in these videos I would just about do anything to get on air!

So given about one day I write two radio spots like I’m doing it for years! We meet at the radio station and I’m all set to put my headphones on in a booth, meet a celebrity DJ and take a selfie. Alas, NO headphones, NO booth, NO celebrity, just a room with recording equipment and a know-it-all guy in a baseball cap who works the equipment. Needless to say, I was in seventh heaven! The owner loved what I wrote and the energy in my delivery. Not bad for a days work!

I wonder if this is how Elvis Duran got started…

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