When Real Estate Meets Hollywood

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I recently received a phone call from a client, a few months after I sold them a house. I was surprised to hear from them and the voice mail message sounded as though it was urgent that I return their call. As a real estate agent you never want to get an urgent call from a past client once you’ve closed on their house. I went into panic mode as I realized I had a missed call from them a week prior to this message.

After a few calming meditation style or at least what I envision to be meditation style breaths. I called them back. Hi, I said “its Rebecca.” They sounded SO HAPPY to hear from me! What a relief I thought, as I unclenched my fists. It turns out they’re in Mexico, and they love their new house and can I do them a HUGE favor! Hmmm….I think I can handle a favor as I collapsed into my chair!

A Hollywood movie has approached us and wants to film a movie in our house. I can barely get the words out of mouth, huh, what did you say, and I asked him again????? Wow! He needed me to meet the director of the movie and some crew at his house the next morning. Of course, I say, no problem, I seriously was ready to drop my whole life’s schedule to be at their beckon call to unlock the house for the film crew. How did this guy know to call me??? Is it really written all over my face when you meet me?? Please call me and think of me when ever any type of filming or production is taking place! I told him he had called the right person for the job! He said, he knew he did!

Could this really be happening, right here in my little town! At one point the director whispered to his crew and asked if the real estate girl was still here. I yelled out, “I’m in the next room” and he laughed and said aw too bad, I didn’t want you to hear how much we loved the house!

Well that’s my story of my worlds colliding, feeling a little like George Costanza right now….

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