Fattoria Dinner House



Last weekend I experienced the fabulousness of Fattoria Dinner House in Armonk, NY. It opened a few months ago and I had only been for lunch. The lunch was excellent, and I had the beet salad with grilled chicken, so I was looking forward to returning and trying dinner. It was a Saturday night and I did not have a reservation, lucky for my crew, there had been one table available due to a cancellation. The place was packed, and I’m not surprised due to some great press coverage Fattoria received from an interview with CBS news. Check out the interview on their beautifully laid out website, fattoriarestaurant.com/#about. From the glass of wine, from small batch vineyards, right down to the farm to table Mediterranean style food it couldn’t have been a better tasting and dining experience. I also liked the way the menu lays out, with clever headings like, “breads & spreads,” and “smalls & such.”

When you walk into Fattoria, it’s one combined cozy bar, restaurant setting. The place was packed and being from Armonk, I didn’t recognize anyone. So nice for the owners that they are getting customers from all over Westchester! Also the chef used to cook at MP Taverna, so I guess chef, Alessandro D’Alessi’s loyal fans followed him to his new home at Fattoria.

I had the polpo to start and the branzino as a main dish. Both were excellent! The flavors were so good. It’s not typical to love everything you order, but I did. I don’t consider myself a food writer, so I can’t go into any details without reading what the ingredients are or the process that the food goes through to be made. All I can give you are the reviews from my taste buds and they loved every bite!


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