Her Diamonds


On a recent Friday night I went with my family to Le Jardin du Roi lejardinchappaqua.com. They had one table open, in a booth near the back corner of the restaurant. My husband and son sat in the banquet facing the back and I was facing the two couples seated at the last table. The two women were facing me and I thought how pretty and perfect one of the woman’s features were, and at the same time I noticed how incredibly dressed down she was, with a her hair in a bun, (even for Westchester, on a Friday night in a crowded restaurant).

I also started to notice that one of the men, who shared the banquet back with my husband, was wearing an orange hoodie sweatshirt. What adult man is out like that, something just seemed strange to me and I started to analyze the table. The hoodie man was speaking to the guy he was with and I started to have a good view of his profile…. You guessed it, I hit the jackpot. I was now one of those people who could say, oh yeah, I was out the other night and sat right next to Rob Thomas, his wife and there non-music couple friends (as Rob called them).

My husband claimed Rob was too loud and talked non-stop about his songwriting. Of course, I was dying that I wasn’t on that side listing to every last detail!

Rob got up at least three times during the meal; to go to the bathroom, go outside with his friend, etc. I wonder if he wanted people to see him or does he just have ants in his pants. Man, no one is safe from my blog and me. I tried to start singing one of his songs so he’d hear me, but my kids begged me not to embarrass them.

For all you ladies reading this (well, I guess you are the only ones reading this) Marisol was eating French fries!

I wish I had the nerve to ask for a pic with him, but alas, I had hit my two drink self-imposed minimum for the night, so I really had needed one more drink to put me over the edge and become gutsy.

This celeb spotting happened just a day after I saw Hank Azaria eating at Marianis. I was truly on a roll.

Happy continued celeb stalking to all!

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