Wendy Williams

The Wendy Williams show has always intrigued me from when it first hit the airwaves. I’m not sure if it’s her wigs, her larger than life boobs or the fact that she coined her show’s phase “how you doinnnng.” when greeting her audience and guests. I also am impressed with her opening monologue “Hot Topics.” She digs up such good celebrity gossip and tries to act like she’s judging the celebs and not judging them all at the same time. Let’s not forget her relationship advice that she gives out to her audience. Always interesting….

Instead of re-inventing a wheel I’m pulling the Hot Topics idea straight from “how ya doinnnng,” Wendy.

Hot Topics in Real Estate:

Currently there are 94 houses for sale in the Byram Hills School District and the most expensive one is on for a cool $24mill on Cowdray Park Drive in Armonk, “how ya doinnnng!!!”


Hot Topics in Fashion:

I spent some time shopping this past vacation and I noticed from Urban Outfitters to Bloomingdales to the Today Show cropped tops are everywhere! All you fashionistas out there may have already known about this trend, but hey, it takes me a beat or two to catch up. Here are two different looks from http://www.shopbop.com/



Well, this is kinda a young look, and there’s all kinds of advice on sites as to how to wear the tops, so only a drop of skin shows! I’m not sure you will see me wearing this around, but more power to you ladies who can!

Stayed tuned for future hot topics!

Btw, I have added a widget onto this site where you can sign up to have the blog send you an email when there is a new post! At least I think I was able to make that happen?

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